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About Us

A strong combination of widely experienced professionals sets the foundation of Air Space Control; the most modern air cargo broker in the Netherlands. With a knowledge base throughout the world, Air Space Control will always offer you a solution. Our motto is: if your cargo fits in the aircraft, we have the solution!

With over 25 years of experience, Air Space Control acts as your neutral and reliable partner in the air cargo industry. Our service and dedication is praised by many customers and airlines.

We hold a firm relationship with numerous airlines. It’s the same airlines whom award us frequently with valuable last-minute cargo space. The airlines know that we work in a proactive way with our customers. They know that we will offer our customers that space immediately as it’s in our mutual interest.

We have invested in modern communication methods, enabling us to reach airlines and air cargo agents rapidly. We target the distribution of our information to potential candidates. By targeting our information, we minimize the loss of interest and maximize conversion.

Agents who entrust their valuable cargo to us know that we are professional and that we will treat their business like it is our own. Feeling safe with us is perhaps one of the keys to the success.

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Time Critical
E-commerce Business

An extra added value to our services is the know-how of moving e-commerce from Europe to Asia and South America. In combination with our partners we have established an operation that perfectly satisfies the specific needs of this industry.

Our neutrality is of great importance

Neutral and independent is what we are! Air Space Control can and will execute your assignment without prejudice. You can treat us as an extension of your own business – we are you!

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